Help quitting smoking

There are three different types of smokers and multiple tobacco dependence components (product dependence in itself, psychological and behavioral dependences).

In various daily life situations, tobacco plays a role of distance, solution to stress and moral support. It is a gestural automatism for some, equivalent to taking a break or relaxing for others, but also a way to kill time or to keep boredom at bay.

The center offers two options:

Individual consultations with the tobaccologist in order to:

  • Detect your own way of smoking, measure your inhaled carbon monoxide level and better understand the various dependences;
  • Know the treatments recommended to temporarily reduce tobacco consumption (when a surgery is required) or for a cessation attempt;
  • Be regularly supported during the cessation process;
  • Anticipate risk situations in order to be able to face them in a suitable manner.
    This motivation interviews as well as the behavioral and cognitive therapies are part of the tobacco dependence support.

Support groups with other smokers supervised by the tobaccologist and the psychologist:

In order to answer questions, exchange on the different past or current cessation experiences, educe new attempts and address life without smoking in a collective dynamic. The group meeting is scheduled every 15 days.

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