CSAPA Referent of Fleury Mérogis penitentiary

The CSAPA is a referral center of Fleury Mérogis penitentiary

Centre Pierre Nicole


The “CSAPA referral” activity is dedicated to improving sanitary and social support of detainees who struggle with psychoactive substances use, by offering a treatment follow-up and support when they are released.
A social worker detached from the CSAPA Pierre Nicole and assigned to the CSAPA Fleury-Mérogis has the following responsibilities:

  • Meeting the detainees with problematic use of illicit or licit drugs, assessing the needs in terms of medico-social support at their release;
  • Liaising between the different parties involved in the treatment project;
  • Implementing relays for substitute treatment with opiates and then avoiding any brutal interruption of treatment at the release.
  • Favoring the pursue of support in terms of addictive behaviors at the release (ambulatory follow-up, residential care…);
  • Facilitating contacts between the detainees and the external treatment structures.


The Centre Pierre Nicole “CSAPA referral” activity applies to anyone :

  • Struggling with psychoactive substance use
  • Detained at the Fleury Mérogis Penitentiary
  • Accused or convicted, at anytime of the detention term (beginning, middle or end of sentence time)
  • Detainees who might benefit of a sentence adjustment;
  • Detainees who used to have an accommodation or an address in Paris before their detention


Initial contact by the professionals working in the detention environment :

  • Sanitary units (UCSA, SMPR, CSAPA penitentiary…) SPIP
  • External stakeholders
  • Or on direct mail request of the detainee

The team

Aurore Doré, department manager
Nathalie Chalmeau, educator,   Féderic Vallance, educator Action place Contact Action place

Maison d’arrêt de Fleury Mérogis (Men / Women / Center of young detainees) Contact

Mailing address :
Maison d’arrêt des Hommes de Fleury Mérogis
UCSA Centrale – Service CSAPA Référent 75
7, avenue des Peupliers
91705 Sainte Geneviève des Bois Cedex
CSAPA Pierre Nicole – Activité CSAPA Référent
27 rue Pierre Nicole
75005 PARIS

Tél : 01 44 32 07 60 (centre Pierre Nicole)
Tél : ( UCSA Centrale)
E-mail : centre.pnicole@croix-rouge.fr

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