The CSAPA is a referral center of Fleury Mérogis penitentiary


The "CSAPA referral" activity is dedicated to improving sanitary and social support of detainees who struggle with psychoactive substances use, by offering a treatment follow-up and support when they are released.
A social worker detached from the CSAPA Pierre Nicole and assigned to the CSAPA Fleury-Mérogis has the following responsibilities:

  • Meeting the detainees with problematic use of illicit or licit drugs, assessing the needs in terms of medico-social support at their release;
  • Liaising between the different parties involved in the treatment project;
  • Implementing relays for substitute treatment with opiates and then avoiding any brutal interruption of treatment at the release.
  • Favoring the pursue of support in terms of addictive behaviors at the release (ambulatory follow-up, residential care...);
  • Facilitating contacts between the detainees and the external treatment structures.

The Centre Pierre Nicole "CSAPA referral" activity applies to anyone :

  • Struggling with psychoactive substance use
  • Detained at the Fleury Mérogis Penitentiary
  • Accused or convicted, at anytime of the detention term (beginning, middle or end of sentence time)
  • Detainees who might benefit of a sentence adjustment;
  • Detainees who used to have an accommodation or an address in Paris before their detention

Initial contact by the professionals working in the detention environment :

  • Sanitary units (UCSA, SMPR, CSAPA penitentiary...) SPIP
  • External stakeholders
  • Or on direct mail request of the detainee
The team

Aurore Doré, department manager
Nathalie Chalmeau, educator,   Féderic Vallance, educator

Maison d’arrêt de Fleury Mérogis (Men / Women / Center of young detainees)

Mailing address :
Maison d’arrêt des Hommes de Fleury Mérogis
UCSA Centrale – Service CSAPA Référent 75
7, avenue des Peupliers
91705 Sainte Geneviève des Bois Cedex
CSAPA Pierre Nicole – Activité CSAPA Référent
27 rue Pierre Nicole
75005 PARIS

Tél : 01 44 32 07 60 (centre Pierre Nicole)
Tél : ( UCSA Centrale)
E-mail :