Therapeutic apartments

Therapeutic apartments

Centre Pierre Nicole


“When lodged in therapeutic apartments as part of a medical, psychosocial and educative support, the treated patient can restore his own autonomy; social and professional links. This type of lodging is intended to extend and reinforce the therapeutic action implemented.”
Memorandum No DGS/MC2/2008/79, February 28th, 2008, Schedule 5. Audience

Patients with addiction issues:

  • Engaged in a treatment approach of their dependences
  • Eager to pursue a professional integration or a training approach
  • In activity (training, employee…)
  • With financial resources enabling some personal accommodation over time.

Couples and parents with children can be admitted depending on the size of accommodations. Terms

Everyone meeting these criteria will be received for an admission interview, please contact the educators directly by mail or telephone.
After an appointment with an educator, a manager and the medical manager of the CSAPA Pierre Nicole, the admission request will be examined. If compatible with the scope and the missions of the department, a date of entry can be decided as soon as an accommodation is available.
A follow-up is possible during the waiting period.
The entry is determined by paying the first month rent and the security deposit. During the stay, the support and follow-up include home visits and interviews at the treatment center.

The main approaches are:

  • Social and professional situation
  • Access to common rights procedures (paper works, health care…)
  • Autonomy in the daily life (apartment maintenance, social life…)
  • Researching an accommodation adapted to the situation of the patient in care.

An important focus is given to money management and payment of the due part of the apartment rent. The team

Aurore Doré, accommodation department manager
, ATR (Therapeutic Relay Apartment) deputy manager
Clara Maggi, specialized educator
Céline Besnard, specialized educator Action place Contact Hours Action place

Métro: Port Royal (RER B)

27, rue Pierre Nicole
75005 Paris Contact

Phone : 01 44 32 07 87
Phone : 01 44 32 07 80

A.T.R. Manager
Phone : 01 44 32 07 71
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 Opened all year round. For any information, business days and hours.

Download the Therapeutic apartment welcome booklet (FR)

Download the Charters of Rights and Freedom of the patients in treatments (FR)