Consultation for young drug users

Consultation for young drug users

Centre Pierre Nicole


Support provided for teenagers and young adults (13-25 years old)
Individual and familial psychotherapy
Parental guidance
Social and educative support
Child psychiatric external structures oriented
Prevention intervention for professional
Community homes
Other youth institutes Adience

Teenagers and young adults (13-25 years old) with addictive behaviors with or without product(s):
Cannabis, alcohol and other psychoactive drugs
Video games, gambling

Parents Terms

Consultation from Monday to Friday
Telephonic reception
Appointments taken after decision of the team
Psychotherapeutic support
Possible psychiatric follow-up L’équipe

Head of consultation for young drug users : Dr Olivier Phan
Psychologists : Céline Bonnaire, Luca Lovisa
Educator : Pierre Hercy
Prevention organizer : Diane Saint Requier

Métro: Port Royal (RER B)

247, rue Saint Jacques
75005 Paris Contact

Tél : 01 44 32 07 64 Centre Pierre Nicole services