Addiction consultation

Addiction consultation

Centre Vaucouleurs


Individual, couple, and familial consultations
Reception, information
Ambulatory follow-up
Psychotherapy Audience

Anyone suffering from dependence issues, whatever the type (alcohol, narcotic, medicines) and/or the close and immediate environment.
Addiction with products: gambling, eating disorder.
Reception, advise and follow-up of cannabis users Terms

Free consultations by appointment with the members of a multidisciplinary team (psychiatrists, addiction physician, psychologists, nurse)
Drug treatments
Nursing support and follow-up The team

  • Dr Laurent Michel, psychiatrist
  • Dr Djamila Hariti Addictologist
  • Dr Framboise André, psychiatrist
  • Dr Philippe Trouiller, médecin de santé publique
  • Emmanuelle Leclercq, psychlogist
  • Caroline Lanfranchi, psychlogist
  • Philippe Alejo, State qualified nurse

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