Addiction consultation

Addiction consultation

Centre Vaucouleurs


Individual, couple, and familial consultations
Reception, information
Ambulatory follow-up
Psychotherapy Audience

Anyone suffering from dependence issues, whatever the type (alcohol, narcotic, medicines) and/or the close and immediate environment.
Addiction with products: gambling, eating disorder.
Reception, advise and follow-up of cannabis users Terms

Free consultations by appointment with the members of a multidisciplinary team (psychiatrists, addiction physician, psychologists, nurse)
Drug treatments
Nursing support and follow-up The team

Dr Laurent Michel, psychlogist
Dr Framboise André, psychiatrist
Dr Philippe Trouiller, médecin de santé publique
Emmanuelle Leclercq, psychlogist
Caroline Lanfranchi, psychlogist
Philippe Alejo, State qualified nurse Action place Contact Hours Action place

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